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How is it done?
Receving Reiki the 'rebel' way!
Charges, or free?
We do face to face or distance treatment either specific to you or by adding you to our daily list. The latter is very simple, you will just need to get in touch with us by email, giving some basic details of your concern and any other matter that you may think can be relevant. It's free. If your problem is more serious or would like a specific distance healing session get in touch with us, we may require additional information and sometime a photo may help us too, but not always. 

If you would like to receive Reiki in person we will come to your place normally. By then we would have exchanged some correspondence, as well as maybe our personal Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, so you'll know who we are. Once there we will talk a little about the issues at stake, or the symptoms and we will then make you relax. Some of us like bringing our own Reiki music, incense and even crystals. None of these are compulsory, it's just a personal choice.  

Once you have relaxed we will proceed with the Reiki session proper. There are no secrets (you can see it on YouTube or many websites) and the session normally start with what we call a scan, moving on then to various parts of your body, but maintaining a safe distance (there is no need to touch you, though it's fair to say that some people prefer to feel the practitioner's hands). When the session's over you will remain in a state of relaxation for a few minutes. Your practitioner will gradually awaken you and you can then have a glass of water, or a cup of tea if you prefer. You may feel a little spaced out, but this is absolutely normal. For the next few days after the initial session we ask you to be kind to yourself (no binge drinking please!), but that's your choice too.  
A Reiki session can last anything up to an hour, certainly an initial one. But you can also have a shorter one, never less than 30 minutes however.
We have helped people in a variety of situations. We have particular experience of complex conditions in relation to how a person can emotionally cope with symptoms, including those related to side effects of medications. We are not a medical service, we are totally non judgemental, we will never interfere with any treatment you may be undergoing and we are not qualified to offer medical advice.  Reiki is non-invasive and can even be received at a distance.

YOU are in total control and YOU decide what is best for YOU, always.

If you need a face to face session please email us your details, but don't forget we are based in the UK. We cover various areas from Yorkshire to the South East.​

The full face to face consultation will cost an average of £30 for approximately 40 minutes.  We are hapy to negotiate in cases of hardship. Never feel that you can't receive Reiki because you can't afford to. We rely on people's honesty but be aware that many of us have finely tuned psychic abilities too, so we can see beyond what we are being told.  

Lastly we offer also free distance Reiki.  Please check out our Contact Us page for further information.