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Reikirebels Partners
Cormac is a professional planner, adviser and coach. In his professional life he has run several NGOs' field projects and has lived in Sri Lanka where he practiced Kundalini Yoga and attained 2nd degree Reiki. He is a wonderful, caring, person with innate healing abilities. Cormac lives in London.

The team is currently made up of a number of partner with a great variety of backgrounds
Originally from Peru and has travelled widely, achieving a global perspective and outlook. Jen brings to the team highly developed perceptual skills, as well as well honed communication skills. Jenn lives in Oxfordshire.
Your Reiki Master
I am in my 50s and have travelled around the world widely and now live in a small village situated on the west of Oxford (UK). I have had a keen interest on religions since I was 14, exploring Buddhism and other world beliefs including theosophy and studying astrology, palmistry, tarot, I-Ching, wiccan, crystals, and more. I am happy to talk and share views with individuals of any denomination, as long as they are caring and respectful people. I received all Reiki attunements in 2004 and am therefore fully qualified to practice and teach.

In addition to my interest in Reiki, I work on humanitarian development projects, as well as other community projects. 

John is based in the north of England and has several year's experience as a fully qualified and accredited (UK) counsellor. He is a true people's person, having devoted his life to help countless other individuals in leading a more fulfilled existence.