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There are exceptionally gifted Reiki practitioners of both sexes around and Reiki per se is totally genderless, so the below assumptions relate entirely to a facilitator/introductory role between persons of the same gender and not to professional performance.

Without sounding discriminatory many men feel more comfortable dealing with other men when having to face complex intimate issues, such as for example seeing a doctor for more intimate examinations, or preferring to visit a barber, rather than a hairdresser for the most part men tend to socialize with other men, just like women prefer to do so with persons of the same gender. 

However, unlike women who tend to confide and share emotional issues, most men never share at the same level with other men. The Reiki session is wholly non intrusive (no need to take clothes off or even touching) and non-judgemental, but since Reiki works at a deep inner level and it hasn't been uncommon for some men to break down, it may be easier for some men to receive Reiki from another man, which is why we have created this service despite being a commune of Reiki practitioners of both genders.
Men's role in western society has dramatically changed over the last forty years. From historically being the hunter gatherer, then the bread winner and the only one 'in control',  men have now finally found themselves facing also their own femininity.  This has created a world of uncertainties, and most men do not cope well with it. Mens' brain, much more than womens', seek order and certainties and even when men may appear on the surface untidy, scruffy and oozing security they may thirst for a 'regular' place in the grand scheme of things, a place of comfort and inner order.

This state of affairs has meant that many men may end up extremely stressed in today's world. Everyone knows that the accumulation of stress is extremely damaging, but not many people know what to do to de-stress. Many men can be very good at dealing with the physical side of stress, through sport or other activities, but by focusing too much on this aspect they may neglect their inner self. This may lead to addictive behaviour if mishandled, creating a vicious circle of perceived benefit of stress therapy (e.g. excessive physical exercise) but without addressing the deep underlying causes. Very often physical stress is just the outer appearance of much deeper inner imbalances.

Not all men are in this state of self denial of course, and more are getting to know their inner self, but a lot of men are unable to cope well with the new challenges of modern day living.

Reiki will help you self-balancing and energising, naturally
The path to your self realisation is yours and for you alone to find. Reiki can help you to de-stress and by feeling more calm and focussed you may be able to address issues, becoming more attuned to your own deeper problems. An ethical Reiki practitioner does not interfere with your own life, or provides you with answers - these are for you to find - but after a good Reiki session you may feel more energised and relaxed at the same time - thus answers to your inner problems may come to you more quickly.

Charges are negotiable depending on the level of consultancy and we also offer free distance consultation so don't be put out and set your trouble aside instead.